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Moms will win this War

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

By John Mills – July 24, 2021

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There is an unstoppable movement across the country for citizens to re-take their counties and force forensic audits to address the integrity of the November 2020 Election – and Moms make up much of the movement

If your only source of information is the soft, whispering, melodic gibberish of NPR or the screech of Jason Alexander’s missing twin, Brian Stelter at CNN, you’d assume that life in America had moved on from President Donald J. Trump and the masses in their hovels were rejoicing over higher gas prices, steepening inflation, historic supply chain disruptions, and quickening momentum of a prelude to war with Communist led China. All well worth a post-Trump world you say. Spikes in violent crime and Marxist led civil unrest are “not that bad” you tell friends, relatives, and yourself as your Blue State or Blue City de-populates in front of you. Anything to get past the horrible years of bad Orange Man.

Shut up, sit down, do what you’re told, and get vaccinated you tell everyone. 80 million Vote Joe ran the most extensive “…Voter Fraud Organization…” , er campaign, ever and everyone else just has to get over it. Not so fast there, Stacey Abrams breath, November 2020 isn’t over by a longshot. The movement is now unstoppable. Individual citizens are hopping mad and self-organizing at a breathtaking pace to force forensic audits in many states beyond the six “in play” states. And the front-line soldiers in this movement — Moms.

As I’ve seen the national movement for addressing the election integrity issues of November 2020 pivot swiftly toward state and county organizing (the true and rightful center of gravity for the American voting process under the 12th Amendment and Article II of our incredible Constitution), I’ve noticed something at our gatherings and calls on different forms of communication to avoid unlawful monitoring. It appears approximately half or maybe even a plurality are Moms. They are passionate, energetic, articulate, and willing to do the grassroots work, on top of their family and often times work responsibilities.

Again, if all you watch is Fox News, you’d be oblivious to what is going on across the country. The Moms are mad, and they are organizing. This blows a gaping hole in the faux narrative by establishment media of misogyny toward woman and a reciprocal dislike of President Trump. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve noticed this on two matters. First, I’m completing a film called “FOIA, File, Settle, and Sue (FS2©)”, which is a guide and repeatable template for re-asserting citizen control over the county election process and local affairs such as county school boards. I put out a call to a network of colleagues and the response was predominantly Moms – they enthusiastically responded to the call to participate. Second, as Virginia falls in line and starts organizing to demand a forensic audit from the legislature, the Moms are fired up and leading the charge. I look around the Zoom, Teams, Wickr, or Telegram environment and they are everywhere. These are not onesies and twosies, they are normally a significant number and often a majority. And they’re not there to be passive observers, they are leading, organizing, planning, and documenting. Something is happening and the energy from the Moms is palpable and infectious.

Most of the calls and emails I receive from Virginia and around the nation are Moms. They know what happened was wrong and it needs to be corrected. They know it’s not the military, not delta force, not superheroes, not “Q” who will save us, it’s us. It’s their friends, their neighbors, their fellow home school Moms. And it’s more than Election Integrity. One home school told me how they forcefully, but peacefully re-educated one Mom who attempted to infiltrate the co-op with Howard Zinn textbooks. The mis-guided Mom was so open minded her brains had fallen out, but the Moms locked arms and rejected this depravity in a swift and decisive manner. They are on fire. I’m very impressed. They are thoughtful, smart, and deep thinkers. And they are in this for the long game and the never before mission of re-installing a President. Never been done before, but there is a first time for anything. We just had a Constitutional presentation from one Mom. She did it flawlessly, impactfully, and focused as her kids careened around the house behind her. It was priceless and made a statement. What is going on is very important. So important, the kids can wait for a few moments. The Moms are on a mission and legacy media is oblivious. Perhaps it’s better this way. The satisfaction of righting a wrong is worth the struggle. It is my honor to be alongside them as we move downrange with a purpose and a righteous resolve to set things straight. Watch out.<div class="player-unavailable"><h1 class="message">An error occurred.</h1><div class="submessage"><a href="" target="_blank">Try watching this video on</a>, or enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser.</div></div>

“Colonel RET John R. Mills addresses the City Council and Mayor Mario Kranjac of Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey on July 14, 2021. Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and other “Social Justice” activists have targeted the town regularly as part of Soros funded and inspired law fare against single family house ownership. Mayor Kranjac successfully defeated a reign of corrupt leadership to become the first Republican Mayor in 42 years. Colonel Mills addressed the participants to encourage them to stand strong against corruption between developers, the New Jersey Democrat machine, and beat down the marxist insurgency that teaches Americans to hate this country and hate each other”

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