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We the People...



We respectfully pursue our legal rights afforded by The United States Constitution, First Amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”, and the Constitution of Virginia Article I. Bill of Rights “That all power is vested in, and consequently derived from, the people, that magistrates are their trustees and servants, and at all times amenable to them.”  We will educate our citizens and civil servants, about the law of the land and our right to free and fair elections. We will seek to conduct a forensic investigation of the 2020 General Election and down-ballot races. Our goal is to “restore faith in the integrity of our system, confirm the effectiveness of existing legislation on the governance of elections, and identify areas of legislative reform” (quoted from Doug Mastriano, 33rd Senatorial District, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania). 


Project Libertas

We the People are freedom lovers who prefer to live and let live. We do not mind differences of opinion. We may even endure certain discomfort in allowing ourselves to enjoy these differences. Yet, oppressive people have used forceful ways to take advantage of the situation by violating our rights and freedoms to coerce, and control other people through fear, hatred, and division. We believe this behavior to be malevolent. We the People generally have let this immoral behavior go too far—and we say, “enough.” We will fight this tyranny only enough to win, regardless of the fight the oppressors bring.


Resolved, to stop the actions designed to force fear and division among the American citizenry. We will take back our freedom that has been lost to regulatory control and oppressive ordinances implemented by lawless political officers and local governments. The Founding Fathers, as do We the People, reject this behavior.


Resolved, to put an end to all oppressive tyranny. We are organizing freedom-loving Patriots who have been sitting on the sidelines, not knowing what to do to help the cause. Project Libertas is resolved to coalesce freedom-loving citizen groups and political groups from around the Commonwealth to meet the oppressors. This is not a call to violence. We have the law on our side, and we will win by educating citizens and politicians about our rights and freedoms afforded by the US Constitution.


Resolved, to put on notice all foreign and domestic enemies of We the People. Our Founding Fathers fought these same oppressors of free thought, speech, and religion. Make no mistake: We are resolved to restore these freedoms—set in place by a blood oath—to restore the law of the land, starting with correcting the potential malfeasance during the 2020 elections.


Resolved, the time is now for freedom loving American Patriots to coalesce and push back as hard as necessary to remove the Marxist, Communist, Satanist, Atheist, Luciferian oppressors from our daily lives.


Resolved, in our vision and mission and strategy, birthed by our freedom-loving Founding Fathers who against all odds rooted out tyranny and reestablished our God-given Natural Rights and American freedoms. No less than these rights and freedoms will we settle for, except those which were originally founded in our constitutional republic—which are fully alive in our hearts today through the US Constitution.


Resolved, as American leaders, we are no longer willing to subject ourselves to the same tyranny suffered by the despotic King and the elite aristocracy of England. Today’s radical anarchist Marxist Communist Satanist oppressors will find themselves on the losing side of the battle because they are hostile to the God of Nature and Nature’s God.


Resolved, that although history is repeating itself, like in 1774-76, and the American Civil War, we pray this freedom is obtained without bloodshed. But do not underestimate the will of We the People to restore our Natural rights and re-establish the Constitutional and the Common Law against enemies of the citizenry and rogue foreign and domestic governments. We will do what it takes to win—a war that you brought.


Resolved, We the People are energized, synthesized, and organized in the following manner…


Common cause:

Uphold the law of the land, so help us God, to his glory.


Common enemy:

Marxist Communist Satanist Atheist evil doers and tyrants.


Project Charter:

Reestablish the unalienable rights and freedoms as codified in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution for the united states of America, the Bill of Rights (or Prohibition thereof), the Federalist Papers, all signed by the blood oath of our Founding Fathers, which we today emulate. We will start with restoring free and fair elections but will not stop until all God-given freedoms have been assured.


Strategic Plan:

Restore the sacred voting rights of the citizenry and revitalize the will of We the People to establish righteous governance. All rights and freedoms cascade from there.


Tactical Plan:

Attack the following main issues, free and fair elections, identity politics, right to life, Marxist critical theory, and medical tyranny. Current Focus: Free and Fair Elections.


Action Plan:

Energize, synthesize, and mobilize the passions and gifts of our citizens to coalesce the power of We the People.


Program Management:

In process.


Coalescing Power:   God and his glory

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